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I hate winter

Okay, so we've had it easy up until this week, but I'm still gonna whine. I drove home on nasty roads Friday. Stayed in this weekend because it was BITTER out. Slid in on ice this morning. And apparently tonight we are getting slammed with a trifecta of high winds of around 45mph (and yeah, I realize in Minnesota that's just breezy.), flash freezing and lake effect snow. All by the time for my morning commute.

Sweet Christ I hate upstate NY in January. :P (Just for the record, not a huge fan of February here either.)

Loved Danny last night in Five-0, he's just so freaking funny and cute. And definitely the bright spot of the episode, although I wish there had been more of him. The rest wasn't bad, just a bit flat. And I find it hard to believe Shelbourne is wrapped up that easily. I don't think we are done with that.

Nearly finished with my fluff piece. Note, I don't write a lot of fluff. I'm a angst kinda girl, the more the better. creedcascade has the tag team project. Need to get back on Glimpses this week.

And yeah- Syracuse remains #1 and undefeated with 20 wins. Someone is going to beat us, it's just a matter of when. Hopefully not in the NCAA tournament. GO ORANGE!

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