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That's how it's done

Go Orange! Go SU! We pulled it off, beat the Wisconsin Badgers by 1 point, but it's a win and we move onto the elite 8! But I gotta give props to Wisconsin, they made FOURTEEN 3-pointers. Unreal.

Boss leaves for Jamica for a week. Today was her last day and now it's all my unit until I leave a week from tomorrow. It's been an okay week with her- she was actually in a good mood for once in her life. Then things sort of fell apart which wasn't my fault. One girl couldn't balance and when that was fixed, I had less than ten minutes to balance the entire day out. Of course that didn't come together which meant I had to leave it for the boss because heaven forbid you do 10 minutes overtime. She found it right off even as I was logging off my computer. Anyway, the upshot is- she's gone and won't be back until I'm gone and so I won't see her for more than three weeks.


I finally got a copy of the Oyster Farmer btw, it just came today along with an old 80s show I used to work on when my son was in diapers. Weren't those the days? LOL.
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