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trying to meet goals

I set a goal with the 1_million_words community to do 5000 words this month. I usually fail miserably when I set myself up for these things but I've been having such a rough time of late, I thought maybe this could possibly jump start me. (Oh, and a new vid too was part of the goal.)

Today I did 1894 words. That's a LOT for me- in one day. It's almost all action and I love writing action. I love laying it out and seeing how it all comes together and fits. This one struck me from nowhere while I was out doing my daily walk this morning.

So, I've a start on my 5000 word goal that I can be proud of. I'll definitely work on it tomorrow and start pulling clips for the vid I've decided to work on.
Tags: 1 million words, fic, vidding
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