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Issues, there are always issues...

Spent the weekend with Kallie to enjoy a lovely time of vidding and writing. She had her brand new laptop, I had mine and well- you would think all would be right in a fangirl's world. But my laptop developed issues yesterday and they got progressively worse. Thank god I had my netbook and I was able to write on that. Oy. It appears a piece of software doesn't agree with Windows 8 and it hosed my laptop over pretty well. My husband ended up calling Dell's tech support who after a few hours decided it was the new software and we had to do a factory settings reset. It's still working on that and I'll let you know the upshot when it's finally done. Keep your fingers crossed this fixes everything.

Despite this, I did have a lovely weekend at Kallie's. I walked 3.5 miles Friday and Saturday. I did write, she edited a monster story she is working on with a co-author and we relaxed. I will be back there in two weeks for the long Labor Day weekend where- hopefully- we will both be vidding.

Oh and I saw the first three episodes of The Newsroom. I'm sure decynthus will be dancing with delight over that. LOL.

I worked on two stories, both for Five-0. The new one: Hostage is now up to 5534 words. I also worked on No Surrender (for those waiting for the last story in the No Promises universe) and added another 200 words there to finish out a troublesome scene. I'm behind on my goal of 10k words for this month but I'll keep at it and hopefully catch up.

Back to work tomorrow. :P
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