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WIP meme

"Post a snippet from a WIP" meme that I saw in azziria's LJ."

So here is my piece from my epic Five-0 story "Glimpses" I'm in the home stretch with. It's a Steve/Danny slash piece I started months ago and keep working on. Totally unbeta'd at this point, mind you.

Danny started to answer when the windshield exploded, glass flying everywhere. Kono cried out in surprise as Danny hit the brakes and yanked the steering wheel around. Thanks to his training and skills, he narrowly avoided hitting the minivan in front of him as they spun to a stop in the middle of the highway. 

He heard the sharp crack of a rifle shot and watched with horror as the minivan blew a tire and flipped, sliding across the asphalt on its side and slamming into the guard rail. Several other vehicles skidded and spun around, some crashing into others as Danny grabbed Kono and shoved her down, more gun shots ringing out. 

“Get down, get down, get down!” Danny shouted, covering her shoulders and head with his own body, pressing them both as far down below the dash as he could. 

The glass from the passenger side widow blew out, both of them flinching as it exploded over them. 

“Oh my god, Danny!”

“Keep your head down! Are you okay?” Another pair of shots rang out. 

“Yes! Danny, what the hell-” They heard the screech and impact of vehicles colliding somewhere behind them.

Tags: danny williams, fic, h5o, hawaii five-o, kono, new fic
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