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Tarantulas in the bathroom

Yesterday I bolted from my bathroom, yelping at my husband there was a big spider in there obviously plotting evil. What else would it be doing in there I ask you? Telling me I'm such a girl (well yeah), he went up to evict the trespasser. Now unlike me (who would smash it with a Swiffer) my husband has a live and let live policy on things with more than four legs. So he tried to catch it so he can move it outside. It gets away and now it's loose in there somewhere. DC is not amused. I swear the thing is the size of a tarantula. And I knows it's pissed now and just waiting to get me. A few hours later, I found it in the bathtub, grinning at me, taunting me. This time husband got it and let it loose outside the window. Mind you, it's a second story window and it was below zero when he did this. So I satified myself with images of it shattering when it hit the ground.

I'm cold like that.

I met my friend/co-worker for lunch yesterday. It's her house that I watch- the one I refer to as the "spa". I had several gift cards and such that I wanted to cash in at Kay Jewelers. I've been wanting to build a bracelet like the Pandora ones you see- but at a price I could afford. Planned all week to sit down and have a blast picking out the various glass beads and such- because let's face it- fat or thin, jewelry always fits and looks nice. But Kay's decided to have some foolish diamond sale and had put the line I wanted in the safe for the day. No offer of we'd be glad to pull out, not even a brochure.

Customer service sucks these days.

So I contented myself with a couple of pricey skin care products and called it a day. Not exactly what I wanted.

I finished my Five-0 fluff piece. It's now in HCat's capable hands, being cleaned up. I can focus back on Glimpses (of which I posted a small piece of yesterday) and my regular WWII novel- Melody Blue.
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