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New rig or fix the old one?

My desktop is only 3 years old- a Dell. But I've been having some massive problems with it, blue screening and freezing up and generally making my life a living hell. This started happening after my husband upgraded us to Win7. Now we didn't do a clean install, we upgraded. I'm trying to decide if buying the full version of Win 7 and doing a clean install would solve the problems. Or if it's something more hardware related. I'm just not up to taking it to Best Buy and spending $200 or more to find out.

It's frustrating and irritating and I have enough of that in my life, I don't need it on my computer. My netbook and big Dell laptop are fine. But my desktop is where I do the majority of my work. So I'm trying to decide if I want to get what is now called an "all-in-one" set up with the touch screen. 

I could, were I to get my act together, write it off on my taxes as a business expense for Gwenna. And since I do 95% of my novels on the desktop, that would be a legit expense. But it involves me finally getting off my ass and getting an accountant or CPA to help me get set up. Right now, I don't write anything off as Gwenna. Not the advertising, the trips, nothing. My sister and my author friend both climbed on my ass about it asking why Gwenna isn't being treated as a business.

On a sadder note- The house I go to (the one I call the Spa) and the kitty cat I watch there? Well, Kitty (Yes, that was his name) passed away on Thursday. He'd been declining slowly over the last few months for no obvious reason. Then Thursday Cornell diagnosed him with lymphoma. My friend and her husband brought Kitty home for one last night and I went and said my goodbyes. He was such a sweet, sweet cat. And Thursday they had him put down. It was time. But of course it was heart breaking.

Add to that a truly crummy week at work and well... sigh

Husband has left for the rest of the weekend though so I'm knitting and hopefully doing some writing. And watching and episode of ToD with the wonderful HCat.

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