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With the exception of a I think maybe three snow "events" this season, it's been a relatively quiet and somewhat warm winter. Snow enthusiasts are grumbling but me? You hear no complaining in my little corner of upstate NY, believe me. February starts on Wednesday which means we've gotten through the worst month of the winter basically snow free. \o/

I finally finished the baby blanket from hell I started over a year ago for a co-worker. Her baby boy was born a year ago this month. Yesterday I finished burying the ends. Tomorrow I drop it off and thank you, I never want to see it again. She'd picked out this awful yarn for it that I just hated. But now I can concentrate on trying to make a pair of fingerless mitts. With HCat all the way in Japan, it should be interesting.

Had a lovely dinner with decynthus on Friday night. We had a awesome time. Girlfriend, when are you going to post the HP artwork you got? The one is such an eyeful- oolala. And I'm not even an HP fan.

Will be working on the tagteam writing project I share with creedcascade today. Well that's the plan anyway. We'll see how it goes.

Not happy with my regular novel, Melody Blue as it stands. I don't think it's original enough. And one character element I've had to dump as it might have made it unsellable- but it's an easy enough fix there. I had shied away from a more complicated involved plotline because it involved more research on my part- mostly about the French resistance during WWII. But if I want to make this an exciting read, not just an average predictible read, then I think I have to up the game here. So I'm retooling my outline right now. And reading about the French resistance. This may move this project back a bit due to the retooling and additional research so I may pull Firebase October to the front. That I don't have to research on- Vietnam is my specialty. :)

Speaking of which, my social media experiment/project continues to go forward. This Day in Vietnam. If you haven't checked it out, you should. If nothing else, you can impress your friends at parties with the fact of the day! LOL. A new tweet every day at @GwennaSebastian. (Also to be found at Gwenna's LJ, blogspot and Facebook.)

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