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Japan and Hawaii

Remember last year, how I was supposed to go to Japan for ten days, see the cherry blossoms and shrines and kick up my heels with HCat? We had it all booked, right down to the last detail- everything paid for. Even had sent HCat spending money ahead so she could exchange it to yen for me.

Then the earthquake and tsunami struck north of Tokyo exactly two weeks before I was supposed to get on the plane and well, we ended up having to cancel all of it.

Well, I just booked my tickets again for the first two weeks in April. \o/ HCat found an awesome deal for the flights that I jumped right on. And just how fantastic a deal is this flight? I get a twelve hour layover in Honolulu, Hawaii on what just happens to be my 50th birthday.

I kid you not.

I'm so renting a car. Hee. I said that since this was my 50th, I was doing either Japan OR Hawaii, but one was going to happen. Who knew I'd get both?

Now HCat is busy booking our hotels and tickets and setting up our schedule. We'll see Tokyo and Kyoto and the beautiful shrines. And of course I'll get to see where she lives and the famous bridge there and the shrines nearby. And cherry blossoms! Lets not forget cherry blossoms! There are festivals and all kinds of fun. This will be such a blast!
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