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Ups and Downs

I've had better weeks. My main highlight was Monday night with Five-0 but after that, its been pretty much hit and miss- more miss. We've had a major problem at work that's been going on for since New Years and we don't see an end to it in the near future. As a result, I'm really starting to hate going to work even more so than usual.

Yesterday we shuffled desks in my unit. I really don't get the point of this as we are moving the entire office to another part of the building mid April. But people who get paid more than me make these decisions and so at the last minute, I'm moved across the aisle. Where upon getting my computer up and running, I find I do NOT have internet or Intranet. Which means I'm pretty much screwed over. Oh and no phone either. My boss said she'd get it looked at and well, I took her at her word. That was my first mistake.

I come in to nothing this morning and we do not get IT support in until 7:30. I'm in at 6 so I got to sit around on my hands for way too long, fuming more and more by the minute. Eventually this did get fixed but I'm on a shortened clock to get our deposit done, balanced, written up and to the courier on Fridays. Thank god there were no problems and I was able to whip it together and run it over. The rest of the day was much the same with rushing around and putting out fires and helping people balance so that I can balance for the day. 

God was I glad when it was time to go. I shut down and walked out the door and did NOT look back. :P 

Now I'm just whipped. Weather is changing and it's supposed to get remarkably colder and we may even get a few inches of snow this weekend. I can live with that. 

On a happier note, HCat has been planning out our Japan trip with all kinds of wonderful places to see and things to do. All during cherry blossom time. And I'll be booking my rental car for my day long excursion in Honolulu this weekend. This trip couldn't get much better. :)

Husband seems to also fixed the computer and I haven't had the freezing, lockups and the blue screen of death since Monday. The real test comes this weekend when it's on all day. But normally, it would have crashed several times by now. So I'm thinking positive here. 

Will hopefully write. Have new plot bunny I want to get down as a coda to the last Five-0 ep. By far my personal favorite ep of the season. I've also got to finish my part of the WWII A/U and get that back to creedcascade. And there is still Glimpses and No Surrender. A lot on my plate at this point but it will keep me happy.

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