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I just can't stand it anymore

I'm finally hauling out and cleaning my workroom. Not just straightening the desk and putting a few things away- I'm literally hauling and digging and tossing and cleaning. I just reached a point where I couldn't stand it anymore. I can't write in this mess, I can't plan and plot and do my storylines in this anymore.

Enough already. It was high time for me to get off my ass and deal with this. I've made some significant headway. Three bags of trash have gone out. I've got a mound of papers/magazines for the recycle bin. I've shredded a metric ton of old documents and such. I've also started a stack of books that I'll take to work and put a "free" sign on.

I have a pair of books cases that are just crap and not nearly big enough for all my research books. I also sort and store my cross stitching projects and supplies there. But they are basically useless so once I get the work table cleared off (I have a work table, who knew?), I'll empty those off onto that. I'll then sort what I'm keeping and what is being tossed/given away while husband puts together the two new industrial shelving racks I had him pick up for me. These will go a long ways in helping me.

So progress is being made. I'd like to get this done mostly today if possible, but certainly by the end of the weekend. We shall see. My energy is starting to wane but I'm gonna keep pushing the best I can. Maybe I'll even take pictures when I get it to a point I feel it's presentable.

Okay, a bit ambitious of me to think I'd be close to done today. Not happening. But I've got all day tomorrow, right?

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