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Awesome progress

I'm not done with the room of doom- but wow- I made some fantastic progress I will admit. I have floor space! I can roll my office chair around. I have new  shelving units that are neat and organized! (the cats are totally fascinated by that, let me tell you.) I've caught up on a couple of years worth of shredding. At last count, 5 bags of junk/trash went out- four bags of shredding. I've discovered my worktable.

It's huge and I'm delighted and it's a massive step in the right direction. Over the week I'll continue to work on it with the idea that I want to give myself next weekend to write. Things left to do include:

Washing down the worktable- as it's filthy.
Go through seveal printer boxes of stuff I haven't looked at in years and heave most of it.
Go through a couple boxes of cross stitching supplies and organize all of that.
Finish my desk. It's picked up but not organized. I've got stacks of stuff I need to sort and decide to keep/toss.
Relocate my laptop and vidding down here and OFF the damn dining room table.

I'll finish up with a strong mop job, a relocation of the small TV I keep down here to watch the news and possible move a bookcase from one side to another, putting it under the windows where the cats can enjoy it and opening up space for me by the door.

As it is now- I actually feel like I could write. So after I rest, have some dinner and get another load of laundry going, I may try to tackle the new plot bunny.
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