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Finished painting, still moving the furniture

I'm making the best of the situation, that being that I've relocated to a new home here on LJ. I found a layout I like and I've moved over a large percentage of my LJ icons. (I still have like maybe 20 more to move...) I've got most of my communities that I had joined under the old name, rejoined under the new. So it's coming along, little by little.

I am back from Kallie's btw, where I had, as always, a super time. I hated to go, I always do. But I did miss my kitties and it's not that I don't have a lot to do here, god knows I do. The best part of the whole visit was when we watched Paradise Lost with HCat simultaneously, her in Japan, Kallie and and in Buffalo. We had popcorn and wine and it was a blast.

The weather was perfect the entire time, not that I would have cared if it did rain.

I'll be working on Mark and Josh this afternoon evening.

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