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I love the authors who can see beyond the obvious and show the mess behind the facade. It's easy to take Steve and Danny at face value but when you consider where both came from, you begin to understand that these two are broken and lost. There is a lot going on there, both men having lost their families, just in different ways. It's pretty clear in episode 2.15 with Grace's kidnapping that Danny still hasn't let go of Rachel. It's heartbreaking that he can't seem to move past that even though he tries. It's more the heart breaking because now the entire team knows it, especially Steve.

creedcascade started a series that just gets more intense with each story she writes. It's poignant and achy and a real and honest look at what is going on between these two. The Love of Your Life series, so far written in Steve's POV, gives us the Steve we know is under there, the one we get glimpses off. The one who lost his mother and would later be sent away by his father. A man who tells himself he's accepted what he's dealt, stands tall and strong when that's not his reality. His reality is shattered and he can't begin to put the pieces back together. His reality is also Danny, complications and all but he can't have that so he'll settle for whatever Danny will give him. It's not enough, but it's that or nothing. 

Danny's reality is what he's willing to give up for the love of his daughter. And the fragile hope at another chance to have his family back. He had it but it slipped away in the choice he made to stand by Steve or go back to NJ with Rachel and Grace. Yet he can't let go, refuses to let go of the fiction that he could have it all back if he just tries hard enough. He keeps being there for Rachel, keeps setting himself up to have her keep turning away. He refuses to acknowledge that even were they to be a family again, that what tore them apart in the first place is still there. He's doing much the same to Steve that Rachel is doing to him. In either case, Rachel's or Danny's, they aren't intending to be cruel.

Creed is doing a masterful job of showing a Steve so emotionally wounded, he'll accept whatever scrap Danny tosses him. And a Danny who can't let go of the fiction he'll have his family back for the reality of Steve who would love him unconditionally. 

These stories just get better with each installment. 
Woulda Coulda Shoulda
Only a Matter of Time
Blindness- her latest installment.

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