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Husband is going north for the weekend, leaving me and the two ladies cats to blessed peace and quiet. We were supposed to get some nasty weather last night into today with some decent lake effect, but it's turned into, so far, a minor event. Note here- I'm NOT complaining.

Thiings I need/want to accomplish this weekend include:

Working on this room still. Goal- to move a bookshelf across and to the other far side. (not as easy as it sounds.)
A trip to Target to get some storage containers.
Move my laptop and all the shit with it down here and OFF my diningroom table.
Writing- need to do A/U and flip back to creedcascade. Work on one or more of the following- Glimpses, No Surrender, Overwhelmed.
Get my act together on one of my regular novels- Firebase October or Melody Blue.

I don't lack for things to do. Why can't the weekend be five days and the work week be two, I ask you? Now that's a political platform I could get behind. And it makes perfect sense to me. I could get so much more done.

Only Five weeks before I leave for Japan (and a 12 hour stop in Hawaii).
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