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Woman's Day

In the second episode this season, we got this funny scene of Steve, who'd been cooling his heels for a great length of time waiting on the Governor, reading a Woman's Day magazine.

Since then, a fan has run with it and after every episode she does a Woman's Day entry where she's photo shopped in Woman's Day with Steve in some of the most hilarous comments and outcomes. But this last one, from Monday's episode, so far, takes the cake with the reference to camo nail polish.
Woman's Day Hawaii Five-0 style

It's just pure fun and a reminder of what fun the show is. It isn't about if they are gay or not, or if CBS is using subtext and people taking up sides one way or the other or some of the other things that seem to come up that I can't wrap my head around. It's just fun and entertainment and really, if I want something more realistic, The Deadliest Catch should be coming back for a new season shortly. (Which is a favorite of mine as well, mind you...)

Anyway, if you want a grin, check it out. You don't even have to know the show to enjoy the chuckle here.
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