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Blink and it's gone

Another weekend is gone before I know it. But not a bad one in terms of getting things accomplished.

I walked two miles on Friday and two and a half miles yesterday. And I finished a new Five-0 story that for now is with HCat to let me know what she thinks. And there is a host of chores I got through as I do every weekend that include dishes, laundry and grocery shopping. And I met up with a friend I haven't seen since November and we cross stitched and chit chatted and watched the last two episodes aired of Five-0.

I also got two more stories nominated for the Ohana Favorites awards- including my No Promises series and Sacrifice- which was a pleasant suprise.

SU won yesterday, completing a 30-1 regular season. That's the best in school history. Now it's on to the Big East Tournament and then the Big Dance where we should get a #1 seed.

I need to start making lists and getting my act together for my trip to Japan (and stop over in Hawaii). Thankfully, the whole passport thing was done last year so that's not an issue.

So it's back to work tomorrow. :P
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