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It's got to be a karma thing

I scored a relatively decent day yesterday- got some things done, even wrote a quick silly story and more importantly, put together and baked an expensive cheesecake for an order for a girl I work with. New recipe- required SIX bricks of cream cheese among other things. It came out a thing of beauty and of course it's got to cool on my counter so it doesn't sweat in the fridge.

And before I could put it IN the fridge one of my cats got up on the counter and knocked it off. Flipped about 3 1/2 pounds of beautiful cheesecake on the damned floor, upside down. Bent my damned springform pan even.

Christ, I swear I can't win some days. I just can't. So what was supposed to be a day devoted purely to writing (okay and laundry, but that's not a big deal), I will now have to cut up with trip to the store and another baking session.

I give up.
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