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Count down to Japan

Tomorrow is my last day at work. So far, everything has been reasonably good and nothing imploded and no employees died on me- yet. I've got 9 hours to finish up what's on my desk, make sure nothing got snuck on the boss's desk when I wasn't looking and to make sure everything is put in place and okay for the boss's return from her vacation in Jamaica. She'll be back Tuesday, btw.

I've been sending out frequent reminders to those who I do webpage work for on a regular basis that tonight is the cut off as tomorrow maybe crazy and I can't promise I can get last minute updates done. My yoga girls are notorious for screwing me over with something that absolutely has to be posted on the calendar at the last possible moment. It drives me insane. As it is, I know there is a flyer/PDF that still hasn't been sent to me so I know that's showing up late. Oy.

I shopped for some airplane snacks and also picked up a new clutch purse that is big enough for what I need but small enough that I can tuck it in my tote bag for carry on. That way I'm not sweating a purse for the flights. It'll be lighter and easier to carry around in Japan as well. Oh, and new batteries for the camera!

Nook, iTouch and portable DVD player all charged. Will charge my netbook tonight. Why does everything have to have separate cords? Couldn't everyone get together so cords can be interchangable? I'm just saying here...

Writing/manuscripts/fanfic I'm working on backed up onto a flashdrive that I'll take with me so if something happens to it, I won't care. My main one will still be here. I have a new Five-0 story completed, but I'm still working some rough spots out of it. This one has been an ass pain to write but it's done, just needs a lot of spit and polish so it's coming with me.

Flights all verified. Rental car for Honolulu verified. Everything printed. Customs and immigration forms all prefilled out by the lovely HCat so I know how to do them myself are printed. Map of the Tokyo airport printed so I know WHERE to meet the lovely HCat. Husband promises to take me to the airport- we leave here at freaking 3:30AM as my flight leaves for Chicago at 6:14AM. Where I then sit for five freaking hours. But I have new books on my Nook to keep me occupied.

Filled prescription for Zanex and anti-nausea patches for the flight. Sadly, DC does get air sick. And the 13 hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo is a bit daunting for me. Hopefully these will take care of that.

Tomorrow, final load of laundry, packing finished and Boo Boo the Goat tucked in as well.

So I think I have a handle on this. At least it all looks good on paper!

I will try to journal as much as possible to let everyone know how it's going and where I am. Pictures will likely have to wait until I get back and can download them.
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