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Why can't four days at WORK go this fast I ask you?

Yuck, tomorrow is month end where I work. Oh the horrors of it. We'll all be busier than hell trying to push through as much money as we possibly can. Rah.

I got an early Christmas present. A jury summons. Oh joy. It starts on December 12th. Unlike several years ago when I brought a book and warmed a seat in the courthouse for hours upon hours, you now just call a number every evening to find out if your juror number has been called up. If not, you go to work the next day. I got discharged last time because I had too many family members who were, at the time, police officers. The fact is- I still do.

I teach tomorrow night, Wednesday and next Monday and then I'm done for the next six weeks. Sweet. I could use the break to get my life back on track, get Christmas put in order and to do the most important thing- write.

Speaking of which, I spent a lot time working on a ToD fic today. Holy cow! But seriously, it's nice to be writing Zeke and Myron again so I'm enjoying that. The fic is called Fallout and it will be one of my longer ones, covering at least a couple of eps including Lonely at the Top and Bodyguard of Lies. Lots of Myron angst and it's slash of course! LOL.

I had hoped to write on VN2 or Melody Blue this weekend but between the holiday and the excitement over Mark and Josh, I couldn't seem to find the energy or the time for it. I think once I'm done with this class I'm teaching, I'll be able to settle into it more and set myself up on a solid writing schedule. It's so much harder with teaching two nights a week.

So it's back to work tomorrow to both my jobs. I'll cart The Critter with me and hope that B&N will have their WiFi back on line. If nothing else, I'll have my flashdrive and I'll work on either Fallout or possibly VN2, we'll just have to see.
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