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Update on Japan

Our last full day in Tokyo we went shopping and I splurged on a stunning skein of yummy silk yarn that reminds me of sea glass on the beaches of the Outer Banks, so I had to have it. HCat got 3 different yarns herself. Then we went to Fabric Town which was a bit of a bust for me but HCat found some really beautiful material.

We left Tokyo on Tuesday and what should have been a simple ride on the "Shin" turned into a debacle of mishaps and errors, most of which we had no control over. We didn't get into Iwakuni until after midnight, when we should have been here between 5 and 6pm. Apparently the bullet trains do not operate in high winds. Everything was stopped for hours that was heading south, including us. We stood and froze our behinds off at the Osaka station for about 4 hours before trains started to run again. But even before that, we had problems. We caught the wrong train in Tokyo to begin with and had to turn around and come back. By the time we got that straightened out, we missed our Shin train by seconds so our reserve seats with it. We caught the next Shin, but did not have reserved seats and the train was full so we had to stand for an hour and a half before we got seats. Then we got as far as Osaka and the nightmare of waiting there for 4 hours.

But these things happen. We slept in on Wednesday, then fetched HCat's car from the Iwakuni Shin station. Then we went to a Japanese baseball game- the Carps vs the Giants and had a blast. Two friends of HCat's came with us. We had great seats but none of us dressed as warmly as we should have and the upshot there is, we froze our asses off yet again.

HCat had to go to work this morning to get a few things taken care of and I slept in again. We were going to see the floating Torii at a nearby town but the weather changed and it's blowing and raining and we just had thunder so we are relaxing here for tonight and will have a fan girls night in Japan with ToD and H50. Get our eye candy fix and catch up on ourselves.

Tomorrow is the Hanami party with her co-workers. This is a celebration of the cherry blossoms and we go to the nearby park and stake out a place for a picnic of sorts. It's near a stunning bridge that looks like something from a fairy tale story book. No worries, I'll get plenty of pictures. The blossoms should be awesome at this point as well.

I got a nice tour of the Marine base where HCat works today. :)

We changed our plans around and we will see the floating Torii on Saturday and then see the horse archers on Sunday. Monday we go up to Kyoto.

I'm having a blast. I'm not going to stress about the train ride back to Tokyo to catch my flight. I'm having too much fun with my friend. :)
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