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This is what I did on my birthday...

Some people have asked me to post my Hawaii pics- so here you are. Sadly, I didn't get to see the boys but still had a blast.

Since not everyone on my list cares about my fangirl sightseeing trip, I'll put these behind an LJ cut. But for those of you who do- enjoy.  

The Bayer Estate (Steve McGarrett's house.) If I didn't have the GPS, I never would have found this. It's tucked way back off the road with a long driveway. I ended up parking a few blocks away at a public beach and walking down. (Oh, I think there may have been a wedding going on there as well.) 

The Five-0 headquarters. This was very cool to see and I ended up parked right there next to it. As I'm walking around, snapping pictures, I could hear snippets of conversations talking about Five-0 and Steve McGarrett. The fangirl in me thought this was cool.

The parking lot right next to this building where we see the Camero, Steve's truck and various other vehicles parked and where several conversations have been had by the guys (and Kono of course!)

This is the building we've seen used as the courthouse- this was right next door.

And Punchbowl.

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