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Everything happens when I'm NOT looking

Geesh, I'm such a slob. I was either too busy or too tired to check my LJ and read my friend's list these last few days and of course, all all sorts of stuff happens.

Special congrats to sweet lunabee34 for completing her dissertation. I bask in your greatness!

And a huge thumbs up to the incredibly awesome sassyinkpen for completing her second novel and getting it submitted to her editor. I know this one's been hanging around your neck for a while but now you've got it done and I'm sure you are kicking up your heels in Florida.

You go, ladies!

A quick separate note, my lovely friend henrycat is now on a plane back to Japan. I loved having her in the same country and never more than a couple time zones away rather than across the planet. A safe flight back home, dearest.

I've got a ton of baking to do this weekend, package wrapping and shipping as well. And in all of that, I'm going to work on VN2 and Fallout. I hope. I also have a mountain of things to go through from Lyrical as I got my "Welcome" package from them. Christmas is rushing in on me way too fast and I can't seem to slow it down a bit. Yikes.
Tags: fallout, lyrical press, vn2
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