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And in the news...

Been a very busy girl since coming back from Japan (with a side of Hawaii) so it's catch up time. LOL.

Saturday got taken out to an awesome dinner by the lovely decynthus who took me to Outback. Love the steaks there. And she had presents for me too! My dear friend- I mean it- you can never have too many peace signs! LOL. We had a great time and free desert too.

Sunday my friend Sue took me to a local Italian steak house- which was also awesome. Food was devine as was the company. :)

I'm finally feeling like I am catching up on myself as well. The jet lag is pretty much gone and so I'm not totally dead when I get home at night. I'm still tired, but that is always par for the course anyway. But I could do without the cold and the damn snow already. Enough! I can't get out and walk in this garbage. Decynthus and I did go on Wednesday, but it was damn cold and windy out by the lake and I got a headache from it.

I still hate my job. I am going to work on the resume and general cover letter this weekend to start seriously hunting down in North and South Carolina around the greater Charlotte area.

Today was my day off, btw. So I took my birthday gift cards and did some shopping. I'm now enjoying a 23" computer monitor here. I gotta say, wow. I absolutely love it. I fell in love with HCat's 22" in Japan and decided it was time to upgrade. I've had my much smaller monitor for years. But this, this is living. I can do some serious vidding on this bad boy. LOL.

My husband installed it. He was going to take my old monitor but then he saw this and well, let's say he's now off to Best Buy to get his own.

With Overwhelmed off my desk, I'm back on some of my other older and bigger projects. And the WWII A/U I'm working on with creedcascade. It's my turn with it so hopefully I can get that done and back to her. And then look at Glimpses and No Surrender.
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