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Remarks on the Five-O/NCIS- LA crossover.

A lot of my friends here that came to me because of Five-0 either didn't watch this week's crossover at all or only the first half. That's fine, it's entertainment and we watch what entertains us. If you don't think it's gonna float your boat for what ever your reason- that's fine too.

I watched both halves and okay- I liked it. They had to do a lot of fast and furious shifting to accomodate the fact that Alex couldn't be there for this. These scripts having long since been written. But it gave me a chance to see another show that I'd never considered and it was fun to watch the give and take of both casts on both sets.

I love characterization and I love getting details that we didn't neccessarily have in canon but now do. I get to add these to my little notebook I use for writing to sort the fandom from the canon. We sort of knew Danny was a Dectective Sergeant because of the stripes on his Newark Blues. But last night was the first time that the rank was actually spoken. And I love that we got to see DDK as Chin Ho shine. He had a huge part in this and damn, it was about time. This wouldn't have happened under the normal circumstances and for that alone I'd have watched it to support the ratings for him.

These things are built to promote ratings and sure, snag in some viewers from either camp that might have given the other show a chance. I admit, I've not seen NCIS/LA but I might watch it now. I don't see much wrong with that. I think the whole "hair wars" thing with Danny and Deeks was spit take worthy and I still grin thinking about it. I also enjoyed seeing a strong female character that didn't make my teeth grate- and an actress who could handle it.

I liked seeing the characters I love seen through the eyes of other characters that I don't know so much. It's refreshing. And I thought it was pretty well written.

Okay, did I wish it was Steve and Danny more? Of course I did. That's who I like to watch. But on the flip side of that, we are getting an angry and very hurt Danny because of Steve's up and leaving with nothing more than a brief letter. I like watching this, Scott Caan nuances it out extremely well. And anytime the NCIS/LA characters brought Steve up, how Danny either brushed it aside with a bit of annoyance or shut down completely was, to me, all about the characterization. (If the slashers can't have fun with this, we ain't trying very hard.) We would not have this otherwise.

And okay- the one thing that makes this a winner- no Loribot. Nuff said. Seriously.

Steve comes back in the next episode. The final two promise to be a wild ride. It's been getting better now that they've drastically cut back on ALL the extra cast that just was so not necessary and frankly overwhelming.

Honestly, after a totally crummy day yesterday that had me so wrung out from nerves and anxiety, it was nice to come home and relax and laugh my ass off at Scott on Ellen and our boys in LA. (Chin Ho saying it was like being at the circus- all enchanted with it.) It helped me forget my latest bout of depression for a little bit and well, that's all I can ask.

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