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A wee bit overwhelmed

So Lost and Found (Mark and Josh) is being picked up by Lyrical Press, Inc and it's official now. They have my contract and I got their "Welcome" package emailed to me. I'm, of course, very excited.

But omg, I can admit, I'm somewhat overwhelmed here. There is a host of Yahoo lists and forums I'm required to join that is well, frankly, daunting. They are mostly open to just the authors (there are a couple that are public) and are there to help me.

Okay, I admit it, I'm a twit and it's easy to just come in and bowl me over.

There are several forms, those are easy enough for the most part. One is my biography for their website. Another is just some basic info for the book itself. A third is questions about the cover art and what I'd possibly like to see. (That one shocked me- you don't usually get asked that by any publisher.)

And the last is a personal information one that is easy enough but for the email questions. Right now I've got so many emails that I'm a bit floored. I don't know what email I should be using for what purpose here. They recommend a gmail account for all the Yahoo lists. Um okay, so I opened one up. So now poor Gwenna has a yahoo email account, a gmail email account and then there is my regular email that I normally have all my important stuff go to. (This doesn't even cover the email I have for my students and job hunting or my web design business, mind you...) My head is swimming a bit as to what I should and shouldn't be using.

I must come off as such an idiot to everyone here. Truth is, I know I am.

The good news is- I am, of course, very excited about all of this and once it's sorted and I'm rolling along, I know it will all be fine for the most part. I just need to take a deep breath and talk my way through this.
Tags: lost and found, lyrical press, mark and josh
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