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Peace and quiet

My husband went north to game with his buddies for the weekend, leaving me in peace and quiet. And that to me is the best Mother's Day gift a girl could get around here. Well, that and a full time maid maybe...

So I've been writing today on Glimpses. I started this massive piece a year ago, before the last two episodes of the season for Five-O aired and blew Danny's character out of the water for me. *sigh*. It sidelined it for a while but I came back to it, but other projects would come up including real life. I haven't touched/worked on it for quite a while again but pulled it out yesterday and read it from the beginning to get the feel back. In doing so, I saw where I need to make a few fixes, and change the direction of one thing but nothing major and all easy fixes. Today I sat down and wrote and when I'm done with this and Gwenna's blog, I'll do some more on it. Hopefully I can actually finish the damn thing.

I emptied and cleaned up my garden pots and containers this afternoon. We're still getting frosts at night so it's too early to put flowers or my veggies in. I'll do that after Memorial Day weekend. But now they are out and stacked, ready for me to spend an afternoon getting my hands dirty. Tomorrow I need to work on the front flower garden- the one the deer think is an all you can eat buffet.

I'm continuing to walk, haven't broken my streak yet. Once I get past a week, it becomes a matter of pride. Updates:

Thursday: 1.25 miles (it was cold and damp and I was exhausted but I went.) 6 days.
Yesterday: 2 miles. 7 Days.
Today: 2 1/2 miles on what was the nicest day in over a week. 8 days.  

Booked my airline ticket to Charlotte for the 4th of July week. My friend there is thrilled. For once, not only did I get a direct flight down, but one back with no layovers.

For those of you interested in Morgan in my VN2 novel- I think I finally have a mate for him. Don't ask me why.

Season finale for Five-O on Monday. Heavy money is running on Kono being killed off. I'm hoping they simply don't kill off one of the core four. It looks pretty exciting though and I'm sure we will be chewing over Lenkov's decisions all summer.  

Oh, my books for my newest certification came in yesterday. I wasn't there so I'll take my first look at them on Monday. My life is about to get much more complicated.

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