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Yes, I can have a nice weekend

Walking- Day nine for 2 1/2 miles. Stunning day today. Was just perfect for walking.

Glimpses- my epic Five-O story- holy cow I got more than TEN pages done on it so far this weekend and I might get a couple more in later this evening. That's huge for me.

On Gwenna's projects- fleshed out a new character for the VN2 sequel, still fleshing out a second one. Revamped my concept for Four Nights in Saigon and I'm re-outlining there.

Started and very much like the scarf project recently completed by raynedanser. I'm using a sock weight superwash merino by Babs yarns that is a stunning tonal orange called Yummy LOL. I really like it so far. I'll try to get a picture of it to post as I work on it.

Grocery shopping done
Laundry done
Cleaned up containers and pots for flowers done
Cleaned the kitchen, ran the dishes done

I actually feel pretty good and that's rare for me.

Tomorrow is the big finale and we see if they really do kill off one of the main four. I'm still holding out that no, they will not kill one of the core four. But anyone else is up for fair game.
Tags: h5o, vn2, walking
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