fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Well holy cow, wow

Some quick thoughts before I go to bed.

I was right on who got killed. Although I also thought Joe might get it.

Saw that weeks and weeks ago about who Shelburne was going to be. But still very dramatic. Whole new can of worms there.

The issue with Danny and custody. It's a defining moment for him- he's finally decided that Hawaii is his home now and Five-O is his family. Which is why he'll fight to keep Grace there with him. Steve is right, he can't just keep following Rachel and Stan everytime they pick up and decide to move. I don't think Danny wants to drag Rachel through the mud- he'll try not to. But he's finally decided where he belongs and I say good for him. Loved the scene with him and Grace at the lookout and his story of how he ended up there the first day.

I don't think Malia is going to make it. I do know, a pro surfer with supreme swimming skills and badass skills that never lets her panic will get Kono out of her mess. But my heart breaks for Chin.

Steve looked fantastic. So good to see him back and healthy and the snark fest in the car where Danny finally lets him have it about being friends and leaving a letter behind that explains nothing.

Excellent, excellent episode. Up there with 2.10, 2.15, last weeks and now this one. Oh, and the season premier- those would be my top five for this year.
Tags: danno, danny williams, h5o, hawaii five-o, steve mcgarrett
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