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Wine and snark

My friend (the one I occasionally house sit for) had a small deck party last night. Pizza, wine, one of my cheesecakes. It's just a few of us, some trusted co-workers that know the rules- what gets bitched about at Sue's- STAYS at Sue's. We are all equal opportunity bitchers here so it was nice to unload with the girls. They know my situation and I know their's. It was a stunning evening weather wise and it went on until around 11pm.

Yes, I'm still walking, everyday so far although yesterday I only got half a mile in as I was at the above mentioned party.

Monday- (2 miles) Day 10
Tuesday (2 miles) withdecynthus at the park together. (Chatted about the H50 season finale) (Day 11)
Wednesday (1 1/2 miles) in the chilly rain (Day 12)
Thursday (2 1/2 miles) with decynthusat the park again.(Day 13)
Yesterday (1/2 mile) during lunch at work. Day 14
ETA: Today (2 3/4 miles) Day 15

Got several things I need to tackle this weekend, especially since I'm going to Buffalo starting next Wednesday for the holiday weekend- fangirl time with my buddy Kallie. There will be vidding and writing and wine and relaxing.
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