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Movies and knitting

We hit 90 here today- although I have no idea if that's the "official" temp, I can tell you it was the official temp at this house! Thank god I got my walk in early.

2 3/4 miles- Day 16. :)

Went to the movies with decynthus- I hadn't seen the Hunger Games yet. It came out about the same time I went to Japan and since I've come back, my life has been nothing if not busy. Really enjoyed it. Cried over Rue. The only thing- I spiked a massive headache midway through. Thankfully, I've already beat it back to managable levels. I did think they did the novel justice.

Got Higher Ground started. Introduced my newest character- Captain Thompson 'Tuck' Reynolds. I think this will work out. God I hope so.  

Thought I'd share my knitting project in progress. This pattern that raynedanser. The picture doesn't doe the yarn colorway justice. It's a beautiful tonal orange that is subtle but so very pretty. I got the yarn in Alexandria, VA when HCat and I were down there last fall. I really do like the way it's coming out. Will need to seriously block it though when I get it done.

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