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Fan girl weekend

I'm leaving for Buffalo and to spend time with the lovely Kallie! Which means vidding and writing and talking fandom and slash and just having a blast in general. And god, do I so need to get out of work, I can't wait- I'm leaving at noon tomorrow and I'll be gone until Monday. Woot. I'll have Glimpses and No Surrender with me. And I've got several vids to work on so I'm so not lacking for fandom activities.

I'll also bring my current Gwenna project- Higher Ground. :)

Work has been a zoo for me these last few days. We've been down two girls who are on disability. I'm pulling and doing the work of one of the girls which has just heaved a bunch of stuff on top of what I already do. And I got some stuff from the other girl's desk today. Because you know, I didn't have nearly enough work to keep me occupied with in the first place. Oy.

Walking is still happening!
Yesterday- 2 1/2 miles with decynthus. 17 consecutive days.
Today- 2 miles with decynthus. 18 consecutive days.
Tags: fandom, fic, hawaii five-o, song vidding, walking
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