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Any one can write fic. There is good and bad, the exceptional and the cringe worthy. If you understand the characters and can paint a vivid picture with your words, you have my attention. When you can do it in under 500 words- well I consider that an art that few can pull off. I'm not one of them- it takes me pages and pages to get an image acrosss that karecan usually do in 100 words.

Simply put, she's astonishing.

Seriously- I don't know of anyone who can pull off the intensity of emotion, the feel of being there and pull across character the way she does with an economy of words. You just have to read her stories to understand that she more than gets it.

Her latest is one of her move vivid and although more than 100 words, it's still less than 400. It's a darker look at what is the fucked-upness of Steve McGarrett that we know is under there. Trust me, it's worth the moment it will take you to read it.

Not Knowing

Tags: danny williams, fic recs, h5o, steve mcgarrett
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