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My son turns 26 today.

I can't believe I have a boy who is 26 and has seen the things he has and done what he's done. When he was born, he had a collapsed lung and was in intensive care for the first 30 days of his life, fighting to breathe. He was so sick his first year. Then school was a huge battle with teachers and councilers- most of whom wrote him off and said he'd never be on his own and contribute to society. He made one huge mistake that thankfully was forgiven by the school and the law. His high school counciler said he'd amount to nothing to my face. 9/11/2001 came and he made the decision then and there he would go into the Army. And he did.

He went to war in Iraq, saved soldiers and civilians lives as a medic then came home to teach other medics for two years.

He's a sergeant now and recently signed on for six more years. He's Army National Guard but right now he's considering going Army full time.

He's proved everyone wrong and I couldn't be more proud of him than I am. He's proof that no matter what anyone says- you can rise above it with grace and dignity.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.
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