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Oh come on here

They are going to be trimming back the carguments for Steve and Danny. Really? I mean really?! A large part of why most people tune in is to see these two go at it in the car. Most of snarkfests are hysterical and the fact is, these two bitch at each other, be it the car, Steve's house, the office, on the beach, at the shave ice stand... and we lost that, lost their connection for 2/3rds of this past season. We love the spark and flare here!

I won't be too disappointed if we keep the bickering and bitching, even if it's not in the car. But it's who these two are, so Lenkov, you better mean it when you say the snarking just won't be in the car so much. Because you really blew it this past season. :P

Say it ain't so, Five-0
Tags: danny williams, h5o, steve mcgarrett
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