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Walking updat, other minor things

I haven't bothered to update my walking status, just been so busy. I'm up to 38 consecutive days in a row now though! :) Summer streak is now well and truely established.

Did a lot of gardening this weekend. Got most of my flowers in pots.

Got the entire veggie garden in. (Then something came in last night and mowed my beautiful parsley down. ARRRRGH!) But I have a lovely variety including 4 tomatoes, 3 squash, 2 peppers, 5 herbs, pole beans and 2 different kinds of cutting/leaf lettuce. Go me.

decynthus  and I leave for ConTxt this Thursday. It's a super hero theme but damn, my tights and red cape won't be back from the cleaners in time. Shucks.

Still working and fleshing out the outline for Higher Ground- a Gwenna project.

Continue to move Glimpses along and I'm in the home stretch of that one.

I should be posting my first songvid in a while here shortly. It's just taking forever for YouTube to upload tonight for some reason.
Tags: contxt, gardening, gardens, gwenna project, higher ground
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