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Here at ConTxt

So here I am at ConTxt. Long drive down from upstate NY yesterday. While I was getting our luggage and stuff taken care of, decynthus  checked us in. Unfortunately, they screwed up on our room and we ended up with one king sized bed, not two doubles. They comped us some things to make up for the inconvenience which includes free parking, free room friggie, free rollaway bed and a couple of free breakfasts. We don't need the breakfasts because the con provides it for us. <sigh> We have found out that several other people have had room problems as well.

I've got a bid out on a piece of artwork- a Steve and Danny piece. We'll see if I get that.

decynthus  and I are dressed pretty much alike. She didn't have any fandom shirts so I loaned her one of my Five-0 ones and I'm wearing the matching shirt. Her's says "Steve, Danno, Kono & Chin Ho." Mine says "Steve and Danno". We ended up at the "fun table" for breakfast laughing our asses off. It was a good time.

Been to three panels. Two I enjoyed, the other was okay but I could have skipped it.

Disco Duck is tonight. We'll see how that goes. I'm sure we will do dinner before that. Last night it was Red Lobster.

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