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Continueing with ConTxt

The Disco Duck was a lot of fun. We met up with the girls we met over breakfast and some new people. They had two screens of photos going at the same time- just about any fandom, mostly men but some women. I waited for Five-0 to show up but it never did. Grace Park as Boomer in BSG was there a few times, that's the closest we got. Come to find out, people need to send in pictures that they would put into the slide show. Hello? Were was this posted? I'd have gladly sent in pictures of the eye candy running around beaches of Waikiki. I mean, seriously...

We went up to krisserci5  and lovekeller 's room to watch a new show on USA called Common Law. Very cute. We had a blast there talking fandom in general and then it went to Harry Potter. Of which I'm like one of the last five people on the planet that has NOT read the books and/or seen the movies. (Yeah, really, that's me.)

Went to one panel this morning- character typing. Interesting. Anything to do with character is always interesting to me though. It was across from the Avengers panel which was highly attended.

In all of this, I'm still squeezing my walks in. After that panel and since there isn't one I wanted to go to for now, I went and got a couple of miles in. We are at the edge of a residential neighborhood and so I just walk that way. Nice and shady and side walks so it's a comfortable walk.

The piece of art I've got a bid out on- I'm still the only bidder. If no one else bids on it, I get it without it going to auction tomorrow. It's a nice Susan Lovett piece- Steve and Danny. Steve is done better than Danny but I like it anyway. And I have no Five-0 fan art so it will be nice to get a good piece. 

Oh, this convention is lousy with knitters- LOL. So decynthus and I fit right in. :)   
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