fatorangekat (fatorangekat) wrote,

Back home from ConTxt

decynthus  and I had a blast, hands down. This despite the hotel snafus that included the room and a broken/useless ATM among other things. Oh, and I think they sent to Mexico for the food yesterday since it took them like 45 minutes to get it served. Really.

The vidshow was a hoot and probably my favorite was, of all things, a White Collar vid called "I will be F**king You" which I died over. I want this song so I can vid it for Five-0. There were a nice variety of vids and fandoms- sadly no Five-0 and of course no ToD. :P But still a lot of fun.

Oh, krisserci5- the fandom shirt I was wearing- Some Jersey Cops Marry Navy Seals- I found it. The site is called Fandoms Against H8. Let me know if you have any problems.

And btw- hello to krisserci5and lovekeller, we had the absolute best time. Thanks for making it such a fun weekend for D and me!

Oh, I totally forgot to add this. My husband met D and I out in the driveway and I told him I scored a piece of Five-0 art- and promptly showed it to him. He just went "Geeeez" and I thought D was going to die. I said "what's the problem- they're wearing clothes!" It's called Danny Gets Lei'd by Steve and I love it. :)

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