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control issues

There isn't all that much in my life I have control over, including and especially the house I live in. It is what it is and I stopped fighting it years ago. But this room- my work space- now that's all mine and I made a decision to do something about it earlier this year. Having hauled it out and cleaned it up, I'm bound and determined this will remain the one thing I can control in this house.

And I can say I'm doing pretty well with it. My desk in neat and organized, as are my new storage shelves. There are a few things that need addressing but overall, this is still working out. And I'm extremely happy about that. Trust me, it doesn't take a lot to make me happy and I take my victories, small as they may be, where I can get them.

I did tackle the kitchen in as much as I can. It's an embarassment but at least it's picked up, the counters wiped down and the dishes done.

Which leads me to my new fun website- thanks to HCat- www.apartmenttherapy.com  Love it!

Husband went north for the weekend yesterday, so I'm enjoying the solitude here, greatly. Have a wine cooler chilling and trying decide on dinner. Too hot to cook so I guess I'm trying to decide on take out of some sort.

When it cools down this evening, I'm going to actually attempt to write. Go me! 

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