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Fandom auction

There is a fandom auction going on right now for a fangirl in need. I don't know her but I wanted to contribute and help as best I could.

I'm offering to make one of my Hawaii Five-0 episode specific fanvids so if you have a favorite episode you'd like me to do, go on over here and make a bid. :)

And here is the signal boost/story about who this is for and why.

Signal Boost copied from kristen999 who got it from neevebrody:

Fandom is often a great resource. Its members are generous with their time, resources, and talents, and the support and friendship found here is unlike anything else we experience in our everyday lives. Fandom has helped causes both big and small, and it is a small cause I want to tell you about.

Think of this: what if you were on a strict fixed income with no outside job so that much of the joy derived from life came from your pets, from online friends, and from the work you did as a beta/editor and artist? How would you feel knowing that your connection to all of that might come to an end at any time – that even though you have money budgeted for an Internet connection (no TV or other entertainment budget), you have nothing to connect with? If your only computer died, what would you do? Honestly? Some of you would be in a terrible fix. Others could replace it without much hassle, and some of us would replace it even if that meant eating peanut butter and crackers for an entire month. We so often think of our computers as our lifeline, but what if that was really true?

You may not know mischief5, but she's really not so different from a lot of you. She's a fangirl, and artist, a beta/editor, and a writer. She also lives on a very tight income. What you (and a friend, depending on your location) spend for dinner on any given night out is her weekly grocery budget. Her connectivity to Livejournal and to fandom and to her friends, and her ability to do the work she loves – making icons and doing beta work for a host of fandom writers – are what keeps her going.

The laptop she's using since her PC bit the dust is now on its last legs, and a few of her close friends are endeavoring to raise funds to purchase a new computer for her. For five days from Monday 7/16 through Friday 7/20, those who wish to will be auctioning fic, art, beta services, podfic, whatever, with the monies going toward the purchase of this computer.

One very important thing, though. Mischief doesn't know anything about this effort and we'd rather keep it that way. So, if you'd like to signal boost this among your Flist and she is a part of it, we ask that you please, please do so by way of a filtered post. If she's not on it, don't sweat it! Just ask if you don't know how to filter.

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