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This, that and yeah

Thank you, kare for pointing out that people are now posting fanvids on AO3! I now now all three of my Five-0 vids up there and couldn't be more delighted. :)

I'm back from Buffalo, btw. Had a lovely time and got five pages done on Glimpses. I've got a few more scenes there and the rough draft will be done. I'll still need to make a few fixes back a ways as I changed the direction slightly on a few things. I didn't vid though, just didn't work out this weekend as it was busier than usual. Normally we don't do much of anything but we had a nice BBQ at her house on Friday and her nieces came over yesterday. LOL. Hopefully I'll be out there for a very long weekend come Labor Day. But who knows, I may have done some vidding before I get out there. 

Speaking of vidding- she's got the cutest damn Danny vid almost done. Good for a lot of grins. *vbg*

Tomorrow it's back to work but for the first time in a long time- it feels okay. No pressure, no worrying. We will be very busy of course- our entire office is picking up and moving at the end of this week. Same building, new location, same great service as it were. We all get Friday off- Rah! And it's my last four days in what will be my old unit. I'll still be helping them out a few hours a day for a while with a large project I should have been working on to begin with. *sigh*

Hope to write a little this evening and maybe set up my vidding.  
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