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On the move

Today was my last "official" day as a group leader and in the unit I've been in for the last 13 months. I will help out on Monday and Tuesday as it's month end and we have to crash in as much as we possibly can for the deposit, but this nightmare is finally over. Whew.

We also packed up our office today. Everyone gets tomorrow off- so bonus for me as it's my Friday to work normally. When I come back on Monday, I'll be in a new unit, new manager, and completely new office.


Going to Sheep Thrills tomorrow to get some very nice yarn to knit a "chemo cap" for a dear friend. I'm hoping to do one each of this one- Lace Edged Woman's hat
and this one: Race for Life Chemo Cap

Hopefully will write as well.

Need to bake a cheesecake this weekend. Trying to decide if I want to do a lemon or key lime one. Decisions, decisions.

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