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Okay, so maybe $8.00 an our in Savannah, GA ain't so bad...

A few months ago I saw an ad on Monster that was looking for an experienced coder for $8.00 in Savannah, Ga. At the time, I was horrified with the wage. After this morning's commute in the first real snow of the season, the roads unplowed and the snow changing to freezing rain as I drove across town, I realized that maybe $8.00 an hour ain't so bad after all...

Nothing like a little perspective, huh?

On much more pleasant and fun news- I got my copy editor assigned to me today and a release (tentative) date for Mark and Josh of June 21st. I'm really excited. It feels more real to me now. :)

Baked 4 dozen snickerdoodles with toffee bits tonight.

It's my Friday off this Friday and of course my husband, who can schedule a day off any damn time he wants because he's a State worker, arranges for this Friday to be the day he is having the furnance inspected. Sweet Christmas, I swear I've got some seriously bad karma I'm paying back.

Will do what I call an "event" outline for VN2 this weekend. This will give me a better idea of what I'm doing and what I have left to do. I've got a lot I've written non-linear and I want to mark that all up so I can see it at a glance.

Edited to add recipe: Toffee Studded Snickerdoodles
Tags: lost and found, mark and josh, recipe cookies- snickerdoodles, vn2
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