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Love my Fridays off

Everything feels so much different when you don't hate your job so much that you lay in bed in every morning sobbing. I love my new home and it's been a long time since that's happened for me. I still have no use for office politics, the choices being made by our owner or the fact that we outsource work that should be done in this country- that hasn't changed. But being able to come to work, to be with a fun partner and a manager who is so THRILLED I've made the defection to her unit makes a world of difference, let me tell you.

This is my Friday off. So once I got the cleaning at the dentist out of my way, I got home, changed and then drove to the park and walked 3 miles. Came home, made a nice big smoothiee and after my shower, got a load of dishes done, some quick grocery shopping for some supplies I needed in order to make zucchini bread. I got another module done of my CEUs for my coding certification. I also made a huge pasta salad my husband will nosh on for the next several days. Said zucchini bread is now in the oven- this recipe is made with cranberries and walnuts rather than the more traditional pineapple. I'll post the recipe if it comes out good.

I have a surplus of zucchini so I need to start doing creative things with it. I do grill it along with yellow squash. Love that. I have another recipe for chocolate zucchini bread that looks good and maybe I will do that later this weekend.

Still haven't missed a day of walking since I started back in April. :) Very proud of myself. But now I've kicked it up a notch and will try to work 3 to 3 1/2 miles in every day.

Sent more resumes out to places in Charlotte and Charleston. A head hunter tagged me for Orlando. Not ideal, but if they will pay well I could manage to be happy down there in a nice apartment.
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