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My son works at the Renaissance Festival- today being the last day this summer for it. He works at one of the costume shops, fitting men for kilts. We decided to see him there today-- it was a stunning day weather wise and well, we didn't go last year. We had a decidely good time and I got some lovely pieces- a chain mail ankle bracelet and earrings. Also two handmade tapestry purses since I couldn't decide on just one. Husband bought one and I got the other. He got several items as well including a couple of hand made games that go into a pouch.

So, here are some pictures of my handsome young man- the tartan I am told represents the armed forces. Next year he wants to get the family one. 

Matt & Pirate girl renfest 2012
Matt Renfest 2012

He cuts quite a figure in a kilt, I must say. He got into a very lively debate with a very saucy pirate wench that was a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

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