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Walking & writing

I went walking this morning, first thing- got three miles in. Did yesterday too. This morning it was just cool enough that I wore a long sleeved t-shirt. There was that feel of fall in the air and three miles just slid right by. I'll note here that I started walking every single day this summer, starting on May 5th. I haven't missed a day yet.

I want to keep moving even after we move the clocks back- which makes it impossible for me to walk after work. It's too dark and dangerous. (I've nearly hit people in the morning on the way to work because I don't see them!) But I have a treadmill and a bowflex and I'm going to get a small flat screen TV installed in the room where we have them. I'm going to make my husband clear his stuff out of there so I can actually USE them again this winter. With the small flatscreen, I can watch my favorite TV shows while I walk on the treadmill. Otherwise I get so bored- music isn't enough for me.

Did chores yesterday. It rained all day, so I should have written. But I hope to today. Big scene in Glimpses- lots of action. Love writing the complicated stuff like that. I've got Higher Ground and Melody Blue out as well. I need to get the WWII A/U too- sorry creedcascade, it got pushed aside because of Glimpses.

I'm still working on the songvid that kapuahi won in a charity auction. I will look at that as my priority today.
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