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There is a snap in the air

Wow, did summer exit stage left in a hurry is all I got to say. Yeow. I drove here to my lovely friend's for what likely will be my last weekend here until next spring and noticed that the leaves are suddenly really changing. And man has it cooled off like big time! I was here a month ago and it was still sticky and hot and muggy. Not so this weekend.

The flipside? Well, I feel like writing again, and not just fanfiction. My regular projects are calling me back and I'm gonna pull all three novels out to see where I am. I've still got that shorter hot story (Four nights in Saigon) to look at and see what I want to do with. I've never lacked for ideas- just the time to work on them.

Which leads me to NaNoWriMo. I'd love to work on one these projects for that. But, I'm also getting into study mode with my cardiology certification. There is an exam in December, (I need to double check on that) that I'd like to aim for. I still think I may have got in over my head here but I want to at least make an honest run at it.

Anyway, I'll worry about that Monday. Right now I'm here enjoying a fangirl weekend and relaxing. I've got Glimpses and songvidding.
Tags: nanowrimo, writing
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