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A new season in television.

We are two weeks (for the most part) into the new season of most shows that are out now. So far I'm very happy with my two favorites- Hawaii Five-0 and Person of Interest. These two are what I look the most forward to and watch when they air. (and rewatch on the DVR, LOL). Castle, which I still enjoy, I save for the weekend and watch on the DVR.

I always pick out at least one new series for the season. This time it is Last Resort. (Last year, it was Person of Interest) And I have not been disappointed. I will admit, I had to watch the pilot a couple of times to sort the huge cast out in my head and piece together some things. I freely admit- I'm not the brightest person and even with my hobby/research into the military- I was still overwhelmed. The pilot threw so much at you in 44 minutes- it was a lot to process. A high speed car chase that never slowed down.

Like Five-0, it's filmed in Hawaii- and it's very expensive. The large cast alone would command a massive budget. Shooting on location, the gadgets and military advisors in addition to the normal support any television series uses (that being writers, producers, directors... you get the idea) and this is one of the more pricey series to put out there. Bearing that in mind, I've already seen/heard the rumblings that this one has a good chance of being axed after the first seven traditional episodes most new series start with. It would be a shame as it's different and extemely well done.

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