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Guilty pleasure?

It's a new season and I've got high hopes for it, especially after the mess that was made of it last season. As a result, a lot of the faithful- and understandably so- have moved on. A lot of us who stayed- are a bit jaded (okay, some are a LOT jaded) and so aren't necessarily thrilled yet.  

Yes, I was disappointed with last season. But, this is a new one.  

I had a really rough year work wise- accepting a position as a group leader and finding myself in a less than ideal situation that slowly crumbled around me. Five-0 was my escape and I wasn't ashamed to admit it. I'm shallow enough that I could over look a few things because the eye candy is supreme. Having said that, I still found myself flinching at a lot of second season. But I wasn't about to give up yet. Because I needed that escape and damn it, that's what this was for me- an hour of entertainment and escape so that I wasn't thinking about going back the next day to the hell that had become my job.  

The job situation has changed recently, but not my need to escape for an hour on Monday nights. And the new season has started with spoilers for future eps that has the fangirl in me squeeing in anticipation- something that really didn't happen last season.  

There is a lot to look forward to, at least I think so. Not every episode is going to be over the top fabulous, but honestly, I don't expect them to. I'm here to enjoy the scenery that is Alex and Scott, the travel porn, the snarking and carguments and most of all, just be entertained while I sit on my couch way past my bed time with a bowl of popcorn and a wine cooler.  

Why am I feeling I need to apologize for that?

Kono, Danny, Steve, Cath at Malia's funeral

Tags: h5o, hawaii five-o
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